We are





The key exclusive supplier and exporter of Iranian walnuts

We are





The key exclusive supplier and exporter of Iranian walnuts

Sinnof Values

looks for fairness in 3 dimensions


economic security of our producing community is important; Because Iranian walnuts are produced by rural economies


food security of your consuming community is important to us; Because Iranian walnuts product without use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides


innovation is important; the organization is significant for being small and agile

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Sinnof Services

The professional supplier and exporter of Iranian walnuts

 is a private company with five years of experience in supplying Iranian walnuts of all varieties with different sorting and packaging.

is committed to harvest the Iranian walnuts when appropriately ripe. Then they are cleaned, packed, vacuumed, inspected and loaded in containers, all done at the highest standards. Through our own sales team, you are delivered the product via the direct route from our warehouse to your warehouse under the monitoring of international quality control organizations with the most reasonable prices.

serves clients who look for top quality walnuts from all over the world at the most favorable prices. This company hips directly from the origin to all continents and countries. Trust us and we will carry out your orders, professionally and with the highest integrity.

 Commitment in Service, Quality & Values: We recognize that our customers are individual companies with unique and distinctive need, competing for their own success and survival. the key to success is high expectations of quality, performance and mutual support. Companies – buyers or sellers – involved in trades are composed of individuals with requirements and opinions that matter. They judge us by our performance, so we strive to be trustworthy.

Sinnof Products

handpick raw-materials from company’s network of local farmers.

 supplies popular varieties of Iranian walnut, namely Tuyserkan, Zia ‘Abadi, Taleqan, Damavand, Azarshahr, Shahmirzad.

 packages Iranian walnuts Shelled and In-shell. Walnut kernels are supplied in boxes with a net weight of 10kg. In-shell Walnuts are packed in waterproof gunnysack with a net weight of 25kg.

sorts walnut kernels in four form: halves, quarters, pieces and granules. A different sorting is done by color: Extra-light, Light, Light Amber, Brown and Amber.

 supplies walnuts from different regions such as Tuyserkan, Malayer, Nahavand, Taleqan, Damavand, Urmia, Shahmirzad, Saman, etc. Walnut harvest time in Iran is to late November. Those harvested during November come with excellent taste and durability.

Iranian Walnut

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